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Top tips to become a PR agency's perfect client

January, 2014

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to have worked with some great organisations but what makes the perfect client?

Below are a few tips that will make you one of your PR agency’s favourites and more importantly, will enable them to do the best job they can for you.

1. If you have a story that you think may be of interest to the media or your target audiences, let your agency know as soon as possible. Don’t wait until you read it in the press written from another angle and wonder why you didn’t get a mention.

2. Listen to the advice that you’re given. There’s a reason you employed an expert; if your agency tells you that a particular story isn’t going to get any coverage or why one audience is more important than another, they’re probably right.

3. Accept that your agency knows how to write in a style that’s suitable for the media you want to target. However ‘amazing’ and ‘unique’ you think your latest product is, adjectives like that do not belong in well-written copy targeting the press.

4. Make yourself available for interviews. You’ve paid your PR agency to generate press interest so wherever possible, be as flexible as you can for the media.

5. Know when to invest in a professional photographer. A good photo can make the world of difference to the amount of coverage a story receives so if your agency tells you that the shot you took on your phone of a man against a blank wall doesn’t quite cut it, listen to them.

6. Don’t be tempted to insert an extra comma just because you feel you have to input into a press release or article. Sometimes it’s ok to clear copy without any amendments.

7. Keep the clearance process simple. Does the copy really need to be approved by six people? The sooner you approve it, the sooner your name will be out there.

8. Don’t expect your agency to come up with all the ideas. While they should certainly be generating a good proportion, nobody knows what’s going on in your industry better than you do. If there’s something topical you should be commenting on, tell your account handler.

9. Be honest. If you’re not happy with the service you’re getting from your agency let them know sooner rather than later. Give them the chance to turn things around before deciding that PR, or the agency, isn’t working.

10. Have fun! The best agency-client relationships work because the individuals involved get on well. They can share a joke and be totally honest with each other, perhaps even over the odd glass of wine.

Rachel Knight - Director

Rachel Knight

Maxim / Director

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