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BlackBerry rings the changes

July, 2013

Smartphone maker BlackBerry is learning the lessons of failing to keep up with the competition from Apple and Samsung the hard way, and is now considering putting itself up for sale.

With sales in freefall, and financial losses rising, the Canadian company has announced it is looking at all its options, which could mean joint ventures, partnerships, or an outright sale, rather than continue to go it alone.

The writing has arguably been on the wall for the company since 2007 when Apple unveiled its iPhone and the Android and Microsoft phone platforms emerged.

BlackBerry’s reputation was damaged significantly in October 2011 when millions of customers were left without access to their phones, a situation exacerbated by very poor customer service.

And while it may have finally brought out new features in its long awaited – and too often delayed – Blackberry 10 model, that excited existing customers, but they weren’t enough to pull customers away from Apple and the others.

To survive in a highly competitive economy, what lessons can other businesses learn from the Blackberry debacle?

Businesses need to:

  • Keep ahead of the game when it comes to innovation, product development and customer care – keeping already loyal customers is far more efficient that attracting new ones, so keep close to them.
  • Make sure your marketing differentiates your business from its competitors and use all the channels available.
  • If you suffer a serious service problem as Blackberry did, respond quickly, put yourself in the position of the customer – and put them first.
Andrew Metcalf - Director

Andrew Metcalf

Maxim / Managing Director

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