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Are you looking after your brand?

May, 2018

It’s a small thing, but your company logo plays a massive part in identifying your business. Erica Jones, Account Manager at Kent PR and marketing agency Maxim, reminds us why it’s important to look after your logo.

Have you ever considered how much attention you pay to the signs in the high street?

You’re walking along, battling through shoppers who are obscuring your view, so all you can do is look up and ahead to plan your route. You spot the green box of Marks & Spencer and you dash inside for some clothes; you decide it’s time for a break so you look for the coffee beans in burgundy that indicate Costa Coffee; or maybe you want a bite to eat on the go and the Golden Arches call. I don’t even need to name the brand for that last description do I?

Visual indicator

My point is, these are all visual indicators of businesses we’re looking to spend money in. There are little or no words to tell us what these outlets are, we’ve simply come to know their brand indicators through time, interaction and the development of trust.

The same can be said for your brand. It may not be as well known as those signs on the high street, but your logo, name and even the colours associated with both can be a helpful visual indicator, claiming and proclaiming your brand to whoever wants to look.

For a small start-up this can be as simple as designing an appropriate logo and sticking to it, but for larger or growing companies the brand can have much a further reaching importance.


For instance, the first time you launch into a new area you’ll want to highlight the new benefits of your offering by reminding clients and potential customers they’re buying into a brand they already know and trust. This could be done by carrying your logo across all products, but it might be that the launch requires a new logo, so instead you might carry across the colouring, tone and imagery of your brand for use with the new name and logo. All important considerations.

But Maxim isn’t a branding agency or a designer, so why am I telling you this?

Marketing materials

We work primarily with words, but a lot of our public relations work also includes annual reports, product launches, supporting website redesigns and contracting for the creation of all manner of leaflets, posters and other marketing materials. We may not create your brand, but we certainly understand the importance of protecting it, and that’s as important for imagery as it is for words.

When writing your copy we’ll follow the same style and guidelines your business always uses. So if The Business you are employed by requires a particularly formal use of the English language, you can be assured Maxim will respect this. In contrast, if relaxed is more your thing, that’s fine by us too.

We can connect you with a range of talented design agencies, from local one-man-bands to large-scale London professionals (including large-scale local professionals and London individuals), so you find the right design agency to meet your needs. 

We’ll even manage the process for you, ensuring your brand is protected without distracting you from your day job.

Erica Jones - Account Director

Erica Jones

Maxim / Account Director

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