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media relations

Consistency of message and reaching the people who matter is vital. We offer communication with a purpose.


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public affairs

Local knowledge and understanding delivers results. We connect stakeholders with the information they need.


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community relations

A positive profile starts at home. We develop relationships with the people who matter.


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corporate communications

There are so many ways to get your message across, but how do you communicate effectively? We enable you to spread the word.


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reputation management

News travels like wildfire, especially the wrong kind of story. We help you to protect your reputation.


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event management

Reaching out at an event helps you to connect. We take care of the organisation so you can concentrate on your audience.



One of the South East’s leading PR and marketing agencies, Maxim focuses on building awareness and positive reputations. Creativity is combined with a tried-and-tested approach to public relations, media relations and marketing.

Experienced in working across many industries, Maxim helps clients secure that all-important competitive advantage. Every business needs to get the most from its hard-earned marketing budget, whether investing in PR, reputation management, media relations, corporate communications, online marketing or events. Maxim can help.

Our sound business sense and creativity makes Kent-based Maxim an easy agency to work with.

social media

Why use social media?

When social media first came on the scene it was largely ignored by business and although it should not replace traditional PR, it should be a part of a company’s overall marketing strategy.

Now that the likes of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are used by so many there is every chance that at least one channel is appropriate for your organisation. Even if you do not want to communicate via social media, you can use it to find breaking news and opinions, essentially creating a feed that will be of interest to your business.

We are not social media ‘gurus’ but we do spend time learning about the latest networks so that we are in the best possible position to advise our clients.

Get in touch for advice on your social media strategy.

Created by Maxim

Kent Press & Broadcast Awards

The Kent Press & Broadcast Awards is an annual scheme to recognise the achievements of the county's media.



Kentcentric is a blog about the county's property industry, sharing relevant news for landowners, developers and the investment community.


news & events

Timing is (almost) everything in media relations

In PR – as in life – timing is not quite everything but it can play an important role in how much coverage a story receives.

May, 2017 more

Ad blocking puts content in the spotlight

With nearly one in seven British adults using ad blocking software, marketers are turning back to content to help them connect their brands with consumers, writes Andrew Metcalf, director of Kent PR and marketing agency Maxim.

April, 2017 more

President Trump’s PR spokesperson - the toughest PR job just got tougher

Press secretary to President Trump, Sean Spicer has just made his life so much harder by not following the fundamental rules of PR. Andrew Metcalf, director of Kent PR and marketing agency Maxim, examines what’s behind the epic media fail and how things might be turned around.

January, 2017 more

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