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They understand the business of their client, providing valuable advice and delivery

Charles Buchanan, Manston Airport

When you work with Maxim you get far more than just a regular PR agency

Mary Gallagher, EEW UK Ltd

They have excellent press contacts and are always on hand

Ruth Wood, Visit Kent

They seem as pleased as we are when something goes well

Nick Yandle, Gallagher Group

Maxim is one of the best PR agencies I have worked with

Graham Razey, East Kent College

I regard them as part of my extended team

Gail Lewin, London Array

Maxim is essentially our marketing department and we consider them very much a part of our team

Chris Jones, Lappset UK Ltd

public affairs
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public affairs

At the heart of successful public affairs is an integrated approach, combining stakeholder communication with media and community relations, as well as event management. The result is strong and meaningful public affairs.

Since its inception Maxim has worked constantly within the economic development and regeneration arena, supporting commercial property companies, business and science parks, a regional airport and strategic freight interchange, as well as tourism and higher education sector investments.

We also have a power utilities and renewable energy specialism through our public affairs work on behalf of power stations, offshore and onshore wind farms, solar farms and energy from waste generators. As a result, innovative technological companies and environmental organisations - which will help us adapt to the impact of climate change - are increasingly turning to Maxim for support.

Over the past decade we’ve supported organisations with their investment projects worth more than £4 billion to the South East economy.

Visit our portfolio for examples of our work in public affairs.

social media

Source and form opinion

If you are not using social media as a listening tool, you are missing out. Whether you want to find out what your local MP thinks about a certain issue or what the reaction is likely to be to a planning proposal, the likes of Twitter and Facebook can provide a good indication of public feeling.

Social media also allows you to find like-minded people to form a community, engage with them and when required, correct any misconceptions or rumours that may have occurred.

Get in touch for advice on your social media strategy.

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Kent Press & Broadcast Awards

The Kent Press & Broadcast Awards is an annual scheme to recognise the achievements of the county's media.



Kentcentric is a blog about the county's property industry, sharing relevant news for landowners, developers and the investment community.


news & events

Timing is (almost) everything in media relations

In PR – as in life – timing is not quite everything but it can play an important role in how much coverage a story receives.

May, 2017 more

Ad blocking puts content in the spotlight

With nearly one in seven British adults using ad blocking software, marketers are turning back to content to help them connect their brands with consumers, writes Andrew Metcalf, director of Kent PR and marketing agency Maxim.

April, 2017 more

President Trump’s PR spokesperson - the toughest PR job just got tougher

Press secretary to President Trump, Sean Spicer has just made his life so much harder by not following the fundamental rules of PR. Andrew Metcalf, director of Kent PR and marketing agency Maxim, examines what’s behind the epic media fail and how things might be turned around.

January, 2017 more

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