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Timing is all-important when it comes to media announcements

Timing is (almost) everything in media relations

In PR – as in life – timing is not quite everything but it can play an important role in how much coverage a story receives.

May, 2017 more

Use of ad blocking software is increasing

Ad blocking puts content in the spotlight

With nearly one in seven British adults using ad blocking software, marketers are turning back to content to help them connect their brands with consumers, writes Andrew Metcalf, director of Kent PR and marketing agency Maxim.

April, 2017 more

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President Trump’s PR spokesperson - the toughest PR job just got tougher

Press secretary to President Trump, Sean Spicer has just made his life so much harder by not following the fundamental rules of PR. Andrew Metcalf, director of Kent PR and marketing agency Maxim, examines what’s behind the epic media fail and how things might be turned around.

January, 2017 more

Gavin Esler to host Kent Press & Broadcast Awards

Award-winning television and radio broadcaster, writer and journalist Gavin Esler will host this year’s Kent Press & Broadcast Awards ceremony.

January, 2017 more

Ten questions to drive your marketing

Before diving headlong into marketing your company, and blowing your budget by adopting a bull in a china shop approach, step back and ask yourself some fundamental questions about your business.

January, 2017 more

Regional media and free press could be the casualties of new legislation

If you could take someone who annoyed you to court with no fear about the costs, would you do it? Andrew Metcalf, director of Kent PR and marketing agency Maxim, considers the potential consequences of Section 40 on the nation’s media, including the county’s own regional press.

December, 2016 more

Freebies: Good marketing tool or a waste of money?

There’s something about the word free that draws people in, but do we actually need, want or use those items we’ve hastily grabbed? Erica Jones from Kent PR and marketing agency Maxim looks at the benefits or otherwise of the free gift.

November, 2016 more

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