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A student's insight into PR

June, 2013

James Eastcott, who has recently completed a degree at the University of Kent, shares his thoughts on his work experience at Maxim.

The chance to be at Maxim for a week was thanks to Rachel. Maxim’s client Manston Airport was seeking students to give marketing strategy advice. My university marketing lecturer set us the task and I met Rachel after our team won! I was subsequently offered a tempting insight into the public relations industry.

Maxim occupies a fascinating part of the business world, operating a highly customised and all-encompassing publicity service to regional clients. Maxim’s highly skilled and knowledgeable employees provide a service most companies are unlikely to manage correctly, let alone deliver results near to Maxim’s standard and speed.

Creativity in the workplace

Being my first time looking inside and experiencing a small or medium sized business, it has been inspiring. The scope for creativity in the workplace is endless and the prospect of managerial and business practice freedom is exciting.

I feel like Maxim has founded a remarkable position in the local economy to make profit, with tempting opportunities for growth. I admire however, the employees predisposed to dedicating themselves to client relationships and satisfaction.

I look forward to recommending Maxim to businesses in the future and will definitely come to them first when I need public relations support or advice.

This week I got a rundown of how public relations can impact the success, and even the survival of a business. I was introduced to a unique space in the industry that revealed the interaction between clients, representing their requirements and desires, and between the media who can deliver the effect.

Breadth of services

Besides researching and writing literature, including a press release, I went to an important client’s meeting and was introduced to the breadth of services Maxim offers clients. There was an essential visit to a hotel to review an event venue’s appropriateness and to help planning. Finally, I was very lucky to join a tour of Manston Airport with reporters, delivered by the CEO.

This week I have learnt about Maxim’s operations, the industry and small businesses. I have been inspired to think a bit more on my feet and not to just follow a predetermined course of action. It’s been a really fun week and I’m just glad I didn’t have exams at the end like at university.

Thank you Maxim for the opportunity to join you for the week and I hope your current and future projects run smoothly and on schedule. I’d like to wish Sue, Delphine, Alison, Simon, Philip, Andrew and finally Rachel, all the best for the future.

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