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Businesses urged to keep the marketing tap running

Maxim’s Andrew Metcalf takes us into his bathroom to explain how businesses can get their marketing activity right.

September, 2020 more

Things to consider before signing up to influencer marketing

If you’re considering recruiting social media influencers to help promote your products or add their name to your cause, it is not without risk and, argues Maxim’s Andrew Metcalf, it’s a case of caveat emptor – buyer beware.

September, 2020 more

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A UK first, a sex trap and big stink – a recipe for strong editorial coverage

Having a ‘UK first’ is often an advantage when trying to secure media interest, add in a sex angle and a possible dystopian future, and you have the basis for a strong news piece. Maxim director Andrew Metcalf recently had the pleasure of helping to tell one such story for our client NIAB EMR.

August, 2020 more

KPBA 2020 is going virtual

For the safety of all involved, the Kent Press & Broadcast Awards ceremony is going virtual for 2020.

August, 2020 more

Difficult times for business publications

The demise of a publication that for many years was an integral part of the regional business community gives Andrew Metcalf, a Director at Kent PR and marketing agency Maxim, cause to reflect.

August, 2020 more

Big public backing for Biggleston Yard, Canterbury

Securing public support for a £30m Kent city centre investment to support the project team’s path through the planning process is one of Kent PR and marketing agency Maxim’s latest success stories, writes Andrew Metcalf, the Director who led the community and stakeholder engagement activity.

August, 2020 more

Successful bid strengthens Maxim client

Raising awareness of what an organisation does, and how it makes a difference, can help secure influential advocates and have a major impact on the success of a business. Maxim director Andrew Metcalf considers a case in point, client NIAB EMR

July, 2020 more

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