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Daunting but exciting work experience

August, 2013

Student Kitty Evans-Smith describes her work experience at Kent PR agency Maxim.

As a 16 year old keen to discover more about the world of PR, I arrived at Maxim on a Wednesday morning ready to face the challenges that would be thrown at me throughout my time at Maxim. Firstly I was shown around the office by Sue and introduced to everyone who welcomed me with warm and friendly smiles. After settling in, and being shown to my desk I was set my first task of writing an article about things to do and places to go in Dubai. I dived straight in and began to research the top ten things to do in Dubai (having never been there myself).

After completing this I wasn't left waiting around; but asked to write a press release about Knole in Sevenoaks. At first I was really nervous about such a daunting task as I'd never written a press release before; however with the kind help from Delphine, and careful explanation I rose to the challenge feeling more excited about it. After eventually finishing the press release Mr Jones checked it over with me and helped me correct it. I learnt a lot from him showing me how to improve it and it gave me a much clearer understanding of press releases and how they are designed to interest journalists.

On my last day at Maxim I was asked to collect information about a farmer's application for planning permission. This was a very daunting yet exciting challenge as I knew I would actually be of help to Maxim. Although this task took me a long time I felt a great sense of achievement (as I did throughout all three of my days at Maxim).

The opportunity Maxim has given me has been incredibly beneficial and I have learnt a great deal about the world of PR over my time there. All the Maxim team are really encouraging and helpful as well as giving me good constructive criticism on my work. I really enjoyed my time at Maxim and would like to say a huge thank you to all of the team!

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