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Quick action secures press coverage

November, 2013

We are often telling clients that being flexible helps to secure press coverage and it is always nice to see that piece of advice being acted upon.

With Halloween looming, Tunbridge Wells based design agency ifour (the lovely people that designed our website) decided to carve some ‘responsive’ designs. After hours of work they had produced three pumpkins featuring a mobile, tablet and desktop computer.

After taking some great photos of them, the agency posted them on their social networks. Knowing that the local paper, the Kent & Sussex Courier, was looking for pumpkin pictures for their website, we also sent them there.

So what happened next? The editor called us just half an hour before the paper was due to go to print. At the last moment they had lost a story and were left with a landscape gap in the paper. He had seen the pumpkin pictures, but photos for news stories generally work better with people in them and that’s what he wanted.

After a quick call to the ifour team, they leapt into action. Ten minutes later we had a high resolution picture with three people, the pumpkins and a caption – perfect for the press. A call from a reporter followed and 20 minutes after the first contact, the story was complete.

The next day the photo was in the paper, telling readers where ifour is based, what they do and what they are capable of.

So if you get an opportunity like that, make the most of it. The more helpful you are to the press, the greater the likelihood of media coverage.

Rachel Knight - Director

Rachel Knight

Maxim / Director

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