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We are here to help – call us for ‘no fee’ advice

March, 2020

Over the past fortnight our team has been putting its crisis communications and media relations experience to good use, advising many clients on the strategies – and actions – needed to support their businesses during the impact of COVID-19

And we want to do anything we can to help other businesses in these uncertain and fast changing times.

On a ‘no fee’ basis, if you have any communications issues, and want to discuss how to tackle them, please call our office on 01892 513033 or email either or

We obviously can’t meet you, but we can talk through the issue and advise on possible solutions. How you take forward the advice would be up to you – we could help, or you could action it yourself.

In addition, we have updated our working practices so we are operating remotely.

We are expecting the circumstances to continue to change and our measures will be reviewed alongside the latest Government guidelines as they undoubtedly evolve. One constant, though, is we will be on hand to work with you and help your business to continue to market itself.

If you have any queries regarding your projects please get in touch with either Andrew, Philip or your day-to-day point of contact.

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