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Angry Birds news flies around the world

August, 2012

The UK’s first Angry Birds Activity Park has been launched, attracting worldwide media coverage.

The attraction was opened by Maxim’s client Lappset UK Ltd, which designs and manufactures the parks, at Sundown Adventureland in Nottinghamshire in August 2012.

Rachel Knight, who led on the media relations work carried out by Maxim, said: “Launching a product, service or venue is always a challenge as there are so many things to consider. In this case, one of the major factors was the sensitivities surrounding the photographing of children at the park. As Sundown Adventureland is a fully operational theme park, we chose to schedule the opening later in the day and invited children that we had permission to picture on the Angry Birds equipment.

National media interest

“Our first piece of national coverage – a full page in The Guardian – came when a reporter was given a sneak preview of the park a week before the official opening,” continued Rachel. “However, despite a great deal of interest from national media, securing huge numbers of press at the actual opening proved difficult, largely because the park is several hours from London where the majority are based.

“International news agency Reuters did attend which proved very beneficial. It was interesting to note that numerous versions of the footage appeared around the world, each with different voiceovers. Although we often see how news agencies work in print it’s not often we’re able to see the principle work in film.”

Reuters filmed the opening and produced this footage

Maxim also ensured the local press in Nottinghamshire were present, although Rachel is quick to point out that a large press turnout is not everything.

She said: “Journalists are under a lot of pressure and don’t always have time to get out of the office as much as they would like to. The Telegraph couldn’t make the opening but were still able to cover it, which resulted in many other media picking up the story.

“ITV Central was also due to broadcast from the opening event but because of breaking news, they couldn’t make it. It’s very unfortunate when journalists cancel as an awful lot of work goes into arranging a live broadcast, or any kind of press interview, but it couldn’t be helped. The advantage is that the station is now aware of the story and should they want to revisit it or something similar in the future, they know where to come.”

The importance of photography

Maxim provided the media – both those who attended and were not able to make it – with a press release and background information on the Angry Birds Activity Parks, as well as arranging for a professional photographer to attend the event. This ensured that pictures were taken that would be suitable to send to the local press, tabloids, broadsheets and trade magazines, as well as to use for marketing purposes.

As a result of the press coverage, Lappset UK has received enquiries from prospective customers looking to make improvements to their own leisure facilities.

Chris Jones, Managing Director of Lappset UK Ltd, commented: “As the main contractor in this process of opening the first Angry Birds activity park within the UK, we were delighted with the professionalism and expertise afforded us by Maxim. We wanted and were given excellent press coverage and media support which not only pleased us but also our client Sundown Adventureland. We look forward to continue to work with Maxim in the future.”

Lappset UK’s Finnish parent company Lappset Group teamed up with Angry Birds mobile game developer Rovio Ltd earlier this year and is now building parks across the world.

Rachel Knight - Director

Rachel Knight

Maxim / Director

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